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Links to useful websites!

The internet is full of useful and valuable websites. Below you will find a list of places to visit that I have found and continue to find of value, visiting regularly for their content.

If you feel your site should be linked to us then why not contact us with a "trade links" request. Please report any dead or inactive links!


Links to Photographers' websites as well as links to taking photographs, from digital images to Photoshop techniques, etc.

    Stormygirl.net - A beautiful complilation of photos from talented Melbourne photographer, Jane Gough

    - A selection of stunning images by South Australian photographer Tim Thorpe.

    Lightninghunter.net - Stormchasing and Photography by Lindsay Knowles of Victoria

    - Australia - Digital Photography Forums and Galleries



Links to weather and climatology, forums and meteorology etc etc etc

    Hillsrain.com- THE Weather Site for the Mount Lofty Ranges

    Weatherzone - Australia's most popular commercial weather site.

    - Australia's leading weather information provider to media and internet organisations.

    Holton Weather  Forecasting - Weather services for the Australian agricultural industry.

    Weatherchase.net - Weather events and stormchasing throughout South Australia.

    Stormplanet.com - Thunderstorms ~ Storm Chasing ~ Severe Australian Weather~ Tasmanian Wilderness ~ Media

    South Australian Stormchasers - Stormchasing, weather events and forum for South Australian Stormchasers

Useful Links

Links to really useful sites not covered above

    - The Home of Thousands of Custom Smileys

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